Meet Dylan from Majestic Wedding DJs

From the age of 6, Dylan was always a keen musician, picking up the guitar from an early age, then progressing to Trumpet in primary school. Dylan took his interest in music into secondary school, where he played in the school concert and jazz bands, as well as a few rock bands on the side. Studying music theory and history in college helped to grow his appreciation for music of all genres.

Dylan has been DJ'ing for the past 3 years, a hobby which grew from music production in his home built studio. 

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Graduating from ECU Joondalup with a Bachelor of Business, Dylan has combined his love of music with his passion for providing a viable business. Dylan believes, "providing DJ services for a Bride and Groom is more than just about playing good music, its about providing a full solution to their reception needs when it comes to the musical atmosphere". 

When asked why he got into Wedding DJ'ing, "I fell into DJíng by accident, I was always that friend who had the large collection of music and was often asked to DJ my friend's parties and weddings. I now focus solely on weddings, where its all about creating the right mood at the right time. Every wedding is completely different as it reflects the bride and groom's personality, so its always challenging and rewarding to see the dance floor having fun."

Dylan is the owner and first-choice DJ for Majestic Wedding DJs. Available for all weddings in Perth and overseas.

Dylan is a well versed Perth Wedding DJ and MC

Dylan is a well versed Perth Wedding DJ and MC

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