Common Wedding Mistakes

Planning a Wedding is not easy. Most people plan a year in advance just to make sure they are organised. Many get it right, but many also make mistakes. Most of the times these are small mistakes, but on occasions they can be massive and have an impact on the day. 


If you want to make sure your wedding is stress free, make sure you avoid these common Wedding mistakes:

  1. Plan and book well in advance - book your venue, photographer, DJ and florist first. These are the most hard to find, so make sure you have called well in advance (minimum 6 months).
  2. Invite guests at least 9 months in advanc - we all go on holidays and have other commitments, so its important to remember your friends and family aren't keeping their entire calendar on hold for you.
  3. Be clear and concise with instructions - Weddings that go wrong often go wrong because the instructions were not clear enough. Make sure you double check all major details before they become final decisions.
  4. Go for quality, not low prices - you get what you pay for, so make sure you don't go cheap on the photographer or DJ, as the end result could be dire.
  5. Consider the weather - it may be the middle of summer, but it can always rain. Make sure you monitor the weather leading up to the Wedding day to see if you need to get some fans or heaters.
  6. Forgetting about your husband to be - sure, the wedding day is mainly about the bride, but really it is a union of two people. So make sure you let him make some decisions and have some input on the day, or you could have a very stroppy new husband to deal with on the day!
  7. Focusing on the little things - lets be honest, majority of the minor details will get overlooked, so don't spend too much time deciding on how many forks should be on the table or what colour the chairs should be.
  8. Choose a good MC - it is common for the MC to be a family friend or relative, as the MC can best relate to the crowd when they know most of them. It is risky getting an unknown person to run the crowd, so if you do, make sure they have the personality for it.
  9. Remember to thank - for a few people, it was a big effort making it to your wedding. Make sure you go up to them and thank them for making the trip.
  10. Drink modestly - sure most of your friends are getting blind, but you need to stay on your feet all night. Make sure you stick to water and only drink small amounts until the end of the night. You do want to remember one of the most important nights of your life don't you?