Is Your Wedding Venue To Blame?

Choosing a wedding venue is a delicate process. Not only does it simply have to be the right size to fit all your guests, your wedding venue must also fit the purpose of what your wedding is aiming to do. Looking at how the night's proceedings will take place will ultimately determine the type of venue you decide on.

To decide on a wedding venue that will suit the wedding reception you want, it's best to determine the vibe of the night that you will aim for. The vibe of a wedding is set from a few factors:

  1. Weather - decide on a venue that will be safe and undercover in winter/autumn and one that has plenty of airflow/aircon in summer/spring
  2. Guests  - look at the mix up of your guest's age, how many know each other and personality
  3. Music - decide early on if you want a formal reception with the focus on dinner and discussion or if you want a party style wedding with lots of dancing and party music.
  4. Food and Alcohol - is the focus on providing an amazing main meal where your guests are seated at a table for majority of the night, or do you prefer a cocktail style wedding where your guests can mingle. Also is there a bar area where you want guests mingle or do you prefer table service for drinks.
  5. Venue aesthetics - some venues are in quite beautiful locations, such as lake houses, river-views or even the architecture itself can be breathtaking. This can help take the pressure off decorating the venue.

Ok, so we all know weather is a hard one to manage, same with your guests. But the music, the food and the venue are the three important factors that help set the right mood for your wedding reception. If you can get 3 out of 5 you're pretty much there.

The above picture was taken at a wedding I DJ'd at Sandalford Winery in December 2015. I believe their wedding reception went well because they had an outside dance floor, which helped as it was fairly warm and was more comfortable to be outside than in a room full of people. Also the music was directed away from the seated area and towards the dance floor - useful because it meant the music was able to be played loudly and the guests who were still inside were able to have a decent conversation without having to yell. This helped to create a good party vibe on one half of the venue, whilst still allowing a relaxed vibe on the other half so both the young and the old were happy.

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