The Top 5 Songs You Should NEVER Play at Your Wedding Reception

All music has a time and a place and some tunes should never enter the realm of a wedding reception dance floor. Over years of DJ'ing, this is what Majestic Wedding DJ's has found to be the most inappropriate and down right wrong songs to play at a wedding. Each to their own though...

Baauer - Harlem Shake

Sure it was fun when it came out, but honestly who at a wedding would listen to it? Even Uncle Jerry probably thinks this fad is dead.


Gangnam Style

Seriously, do we even have to explain?

This once hilarious, now painful track needs to stay away from your dancefloor, to stop any dorky uncles from going 'full Gangnam'.



This horrible track copped a LOT of flak for being the 'rape anthem'. Now there's a phrase you really don't want to hear at a wedding.


Nickelback - anything

Nickelback should only be listened to for research on the anomaly of how they are still touring.


Drake - Hate Sleeping Alone

Drake has some great tracks. But please only play the happier ones. Way to make everyone feel awkward by playing a break-up song.

Do you know any tracks that should never see a wedding reception dance floor? Let us know below!