Alternative bouquet ideas for your wedding

Bouquets are a staple element at most weddings. However, what they don’t tell you is how much they cost. Flowers are one of the biggest wedding costs for brides, especially if you are getting a professional to do your arrangements for you. One way to save a few hundred dollars is to do the flowers yourself; but even then, they will eventually wilt and dry up.

What if you could use something that would a) have a long lifespan, and b) isn’t going to cost you a small fortune. If you don’t want to carry the traditional floral bouquet down the aisle, here are a few alternative ideas for your wedding.

Button Wedding Bouquets.

That’s right, buttons! These simple fasteners can make a very beautiful alternative to a traditional floral, bridal bouquet. Swap out the baby’s breath, and raid Nanna’s sewing cupboard. You can get them professionally done, but if you’ve got a creative side, this is an excellent way to save money at your wedding. You can hit up second hand stores or the discount bins at Spotlight to get all the materials you need for a fraction of the price. Spend a crafternoon making you masterpieces, and have something truly unique and unexpected to show your guests. Plus, you’ll never be caught looking for a spare button again!

Lantern Wedding Bouquets

These are an especially great alternative wedding bouquet if you are having a twilight or dusk wedding. As the sun sets, and your bridal party enters, the addition of a glowing lantern will provide quite the magical effect - just think of the pictures! You can pick up lanterns for a few dollars each so there’ll be more room to spend elsewhere like hiring a wedding DJ.

Fabric Wedding Bouquets

Another crafting idea is to swap out natural flowers for fabric ones. Pick your pattern, designs and more to create a floral bouquet that won’t wilt over time. If you’ve got a talented seamstress in the family, this may be a great way to spend some bonding time over bouquets. Pick a few metres of felt, burlap or patterned cotton up from your local textile store and settle in for some sewing. These are the perfect addition for the alternative bride.

Paper Wedding Bouquets

First there was fabric, so why not paper? Origami flowers make a beautiful arrangement. You can go with traditional origami paper, or make the flowers out of something special - sheet music if you and your partners share a musical bond, lyrics to some of your favourite songs, or ask your guests to write something for you and your partner.

Dried Flower Bouquets

If you want to stick with the traditional floral bouquet, using dried flowers instead can be a great alternative option to fresh flowers. Firstly, they last longer and won’t wilt over the course of the day, especially in Perth’s summer heat! Secondly, they add a vintage feel to the outfit, and would work perfectly for autumn brides. Dried flowers also eliminate the problem of out of season florals, as you could purchase your flowers of choice whilst they are in season, and dry them in preparation for your wedding later on.

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Tessa Dempster