8 Binge-Worthy Wedding Movies

Are you getting reading to tie the knot, settle down and spend the rest of your days with the love of your life? Before you say those two magic words, why not call a girls’ night in and celebrate your impending nuptials with your nearest and dearest gal pals. It’s the ultimate film night, and weddings are on the menu. Here are eight binge-worthy wedding movies sure to get you and your bridal party in the wedding spirit.

1. Sex and the CIty

If you were born in the 20th century, chances are you closely followed the love story that is Carrie Bradshaw and Mr Big. After ending with not so much as a proposal, SATC fans finally got the happily ever after they’d been dreaming of when Mr Big finally got down on his knee and popped the question to NYC’s favourite single lady. Whilst it’s not all smooth sailing, the dresses were literally to-die-for. 

2. Runaway Bride

Back in the day when Richard Gere and Julia Roberts were the on-screen power couple (far from their characters in Pretty Woman), this film follows a woman who can’t seem to find a cure for her serious case of cold feet! It’s vintage Ger-Berts, and we love it.

3. Sweet Home Alabama

What’s not to love about this movie. With Southern charm, long-lost loves, McDreamy and a little bit of magic, this wedding movie hits you right in the feels with its childhood nostalgia.

4. Love, Actually

It’s Christmas time, and it would be morally wrong to not watch this movie - even worse if you are set to be married! Whilst it’s more about the festive season than a wedding, it still covers the classic storyline of love. And, what’s not to love about love.

5. A Walk to Remember

Pack some tissues ladies, and be prepared for a proper tear jerker. This film will have you weeping into eachothers’ arms more than once. Whilst its bad boy meets good girl plotline is pretty run of the mill, you won’t be able to stop yourself getting drawn into the “true love conquers all” story - or does it?... 

6. Cinderella

It’s time to kick it old school, and really old school. There’s something comforting about rewatching the OG version of one of your favourite childhood fairytales. Whilst there have been hundreds of remakes, we recommend breaking out the VHS and watching the Disney Classic. Plus the mice are so cute!

7. The Princess Bride

A recognised cult classic, this comedy follows the story of a lowly farmhand who falls in love with a princess. Whilst the plotline borders on the possibly outrageous, the film delivers some absolutely cracker lines, and will leave you quoting Inigo Mantoya and a new catch phrase - “as you wish”.

8. Bridesmaids

After watching a few of the emotional filled flicks in this list, a lighthearted comedy is just what the wedding doctor ordered. This film may still leave you crying… with laughter over the characters antics, it’s all about the sisterhood. What better way to cap off the evening with your close friends before your big day!

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Tessa Dempster