Do’s and Don’ts of a Wedding Reception

Once the formalities of your wedding ceremony are complete, it’s time for your guests to mingle, and the bridal party to step up and toast to the happy couple. However, there are a few more I do’s you should be doing (or not doing) to ensure your wedding reception runs smoothly.

What to do at your wedding reception

Check the acoustics of the venue

No matter how small or extravagant you wish to go on your big day, you will need to try out the acoustics to make sure the sound system you intend to use will work in the space.

Use music to change the mood and timing of your reception

Music is a great way to signal to your guests that they are reaching a new stage in the reception, i.e. toasts, dinner and the all-important first dance. You will need to discuss with your wedding DJ the itinerary for the evening so they can ensure there is appropriate ambiance during dinner, the first dance song plays at the correct time, and the party kicks up a gear once the last of the speeches wraps up..

Cater to all tastes

Now it’s your wedding and it should be everything you have dreamed it to be. However, a word to the wise, if you want your Great Uncle Albert hitting the dancefloor, you’re going to have to play something out of the “old school” playlist. Seeing your elderly relatives break it down to Nicki Minaj makes for a very memorable wedding moment.

You want you're dancefloor to be pumping like this one!

What not to do at your wedding reception

Ignore the noise restrictions at the venue

Noise restrictions are in place for a reason, and you should be sure to check your chosen venue’s regulations. A wedding DJ can help you stay on track, and not go overtime when it comes to wrapping up the evening. Whilst partying on may seem like a great idea at the time (especially after all that champagne), the noise infringement fines will be a rude awakening the next morning.

Give you DJ a non adjustable playlist

While everyone’s music taste is different, creating a cohesive wedding playlist isn’t as simple as whacking songs together and hitting play. There is a little more to it than that, which is why you should enlist the help of a wedding DJ. They have the experience and the skills to ensure your wedding reception run smoothly.

Leave it to the last minute to book your DJ

While a live wedding band can be an excellent touch to your big day, they can cause some unforeseen problems. A wedding band could get sick or not know as many songs as you would like - to avoid these unexpected wedding day issues, book Majestic Wedding DJs. For a stress free Perth DJ service you can trust to make your big day a special one, contact us to find out our Perth DJ wedding packages and prices.

Dylan Urquhart