Top Australian Wedding Songs 2017/18

Australia has had some fantastic songs released by our homegrown artists over the past year. If you are a fan of Australian music and want to showcase this in your 2018 wedding playlist, why not create a Triple J wedding playlist filled with the best beats from 2017. If you can’t remember all the popular tracks from the last year, our team at Majestic Wedding DJs are renowned for being Triple J wedding DJs, and can ensure your wedding reception is filled with alternative, modern Australian songs. Here are a few of the top Australian songs from 2017 perfect for your wedding.

Adore - Amy Shark

This Eastern states indie-pop sensation released a number of chart toppers over the past year, Adore one of debut singles. You include this versatile song either in your 2018 wedding playlist as an alternative first dance song or throw it in as a slow number during during the dancing section of the evening.

The Deepest Sighs, the Frankest Shadows - Gang of Youths

This 2017 hit from the Aussie indie rock group is a great addition early in the evening to get your guests onto the dancefloor.

Homemade Dynamite - Lorde

Even though she’s not technically an Aussie, the Kiwi songstress was back in a big way in 2017, dropping her second album Melodrama after four years since her hugely popular debut album Pure Heroine. Lorde delivers the goods again with this track.

Anyway - Tyon Hap Feat Mimoza

This Melbourn born EDM producer is quickly building a name as ‘one to watch’, and this collab with Mimoza is no exception.

Moments - Bliss N Eso Feat. Gavin James

Australian hip-hop is a polarising music genre, and longstanding legends Bliss N Eso are proving they’ve still got it with this collab with Gavin James. If you are a fan, this track is a must add to your 2018 wedding playlist; however, don’t be surprised if not all the wedding guests agree.

Lose my Mind - Dean Lewis

This track from the Aussie singer/songwriters’ debut EP has a beautiful, acoustic version with a slow melody that makes it ideal for an intimate alternative first dance song. You’ll just have to look past the lyrics that are actually about letting go of a past love.

Life Goes On - E^ST

This Ellie Goulding collab has resulted in an upbeat dance track that is sure to get your wedding reception guests onto the dancefloor.

Lay it on me - Vance Joy

For an upbeat first dance song, this one by Vance Joy is a great option. If you aren’t the slow dance type of couple, this alt-pop song provides a fun, upbeat way to take your first spin on the dancefloor as a bride and groom. Not to mention, your guests won’t need much encouragement to join you on the dancefloor.  

NUMB - Hayden James Feat. GRAACE

This new track from Australian Hayden James is a great alternative first dance song, starting off slowly before building the beat (perfect for getting the rest of your guests onto the up and grooving).

The experienced Perth DJs at Majestic Wedding DJs can find the Triple J tracks to get your wedding guests out onto the dancefloor. Our team provide music entertainment services for events around Perth and the Margaret River Region. Our Perth wedding Djs offer custom wedding playlists filled with music of your choosing plus recommendations from our team. Get in touch with Majestic Wedding DJs for more information about our DJ hire pricing and wedding packages.

Tessa Dempster