5 tips for a Perth outdoor wedding

Perth has some great indoor wedding venues, but some even better outdoor ones. If you are thinking of throwing an outdoor wedding, there are some additional things you should take into consideration before the big day. Perth wedding season falls in line with the peak heat; from shade to powerpoints, here are five things you will need to consider when hosting a Perth outdoor wedding.

Have a back up plan


Whilst we do love it when a plan comes together… sometimes it doesn’t. Even if you itemise, colour code and cross every box off your wedding checklist, there is one thing you cannot control - the weather. Planning a wedding months in advance might mean you get your dream venue; however, you won’t be able to get the weather forecast until a week beforehand. Just in case the weather isn’t the sunny day you had in mind, make sure you have a backup plan (or marquee) you can throw up to make sure nothing dampens your day.

Throw some shade on your parade


The Perth wedding season is normally filled with sunny weather, and with that comes the heat. Remember, whilst you are getting prepped ready for your professional walk, your groom and guests will be waiting outside in the heat.

Have you got the power?


Outdoor weddings allow the ceremony to be amongst nature; however, what they don’t often allow for is electricity. This isn’t a problem if the ceremony is during the day, but as the sun goes down and the Perth wedding DJ begins to get things started at the wedding reception, there will be some power needs. Check with the venue manager for generators or external power points so you can keep the lights on your wedding festivities.

Pack a few extras for your guests

Whilst you may have thought of everything for yourself, it is always best practice to think of some extras your guests might need. A few extra things need to be taken into consideration with outdoor weddings; for example, sunshine, grass and insects could all impact how comfortable your guests are. Providing a communal basket filled with things like sunblock, insect repellent, hats and thongs is a very thoughtful way to show your guests you’ve truly thought of everything.

Stay hydrated

The Perth heat can be very harsh during the summer wedding season. There is a long time between the ceremony and the reception whilst the bridal party are off taking their wedding photos. For Perth outdoor weddings, ensuring you have adequate water for your guests throughout the festivities will keep away heat stroke and headaches.

Now you have all you Perth outdoor wedding extras sorted out, its time to consider music. Hiring a Perth wedding DJ can take the pressure off coordinating your evening as they run both the music and MC the evening. Majestic Wedding DJs are renowned for their Triple J wedding playlists and young Perth DJ team. Our Perth DJ hire company are available for weddings, functions and events in Perth and the Margaret River region. Get in touch with Majestic Wedding DJs for more information about our pricing and wedding packages.

Tessa Dempster