5 Native Flowers To Include In Your Wedding Bouquet

Native wedding flowers are having a moment. What may have previously been viewed as unsightly is now considered quirky and on trend if the multitude of Australian flora featured in your favourite home delivery posies are anything to go by. So why not branch out from the usual roses, lilies and tulips, and embrace the strange beauty of banksias, waratahs and their fellow friends for your Perth wedding bouquet?


Banksias are the flower of the moment, with banksia caps, banksia tattoos and even banksia cafes popping up. This conical, oval-shaped flower is undoubtedly a statement plant, meaning you only need two or three in your wedding bouquet for an eye-catching finish.

Courtesy of  Swallows Nest Farm

Courtesy of Swallows Nest Farm


Whilst much more subtle than banksias, flannel flowers can serve as a fantastic base for your wedding bouquet with their ivory, velvety petals (hence the name). This soft bloom is also perfect when paired with proteas, peonies or eucalyptus gum for a romantic look.

Courtesy of  Nouba

Courtesy of Nouba


This long-stemmed, ball-like native flower screams character and whimsy. Their bright yellow hue mean they can be used as a pop of colour, or mixed with flannel flower or waxflower for a fun yet elegant wedding bouquet.

Courtesy of  Nouba

Courtesy of Nouba


Waratahs are another eye-catching native wedding flower. These bold blooms are most popularly bright red, but did you know there are also pink and white varieties? Opt for the white to match your wedding gown, or go with the pink and red for a splash of colour.

Courtesy of  Nouba

Courtesy of Nouba


With their distinct soft green hue, eucalyptus leaves are all the rage right now, not only for wedding bouquets but also table runners and even flower crowns. Eucalyptus leaves exude elegance and simplicity and make the perfect canvas for your wedding bouquet.

Courtesy of  Ruffled Blog

Courtesy of Ruffled Blog

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Cover image courtesy of Swallows Nest Farm

Julianne De Souza