Why Spotify should never be your Wedding DJ

The trials and tribulations of letting your guests pick the requests

Picture this: Your friends and family have come together on a sunshine-filled day to watch as you marry the love of your life in a tasteful and classy ceremony on a gorgeous estate. 

After a delightful three-course meal at the tables you painstakingly decorated the night before, it is time to let your hair down on the dance floor and celebrate the perfect wedding. 

As you get into the groove of the playlist you spent hours curating on Spotify, the unthinkable happens. 

Baby Shark begins to play.

Your larrikin mate has grabbed hold of your laptop and decided to mess with your mix (true story!).

History repeating

“Never have Spotify as your DJ ever,” says Perth Wedding DJ, Dylan. 

“Remember having a 21st or an 18th when someone hired a video jukebox?

“Someone always managed to find the magic black button which skipped to the next song and it just ruined the rest of the night, because everyone hated it.

“When you have a DJ you are almost hiring a bodyguard for your music. If you are allowing your guests to make requests, we can filter them through if they aren’t good requests. 

“What you are doing is safeguarding the music selection.” 

Make your own rules

With Majestic Wedding DJs, you set the rules. 

“If you don’t like Miley Cyrus or Justin Beiber, you can tell the Wedding DJ and they can veto all of those requests,” Dylan says. 

“We often get Spotify playlist from our couple to use as inspiration, so by all means put together a Spotify playlist and hand it to your Majestic Wedding DJ. 

“He will make sure he uses it to help craft the perfect playlist for the night.”

Avoid technical difficulties

After all, it is your big day – you have much better things to do than to stress out about the speakers not being loud enough, your smartphone not connecting to the sound system or your guests ruining your shuffled playlist so No Scrubs gets more plays than it should. 

With a music library of over 80,000 songs and only high-quality gear, Majestic Wedding DJs will ensure incredible sound quality and amazing atmosphere without a hitch.

For extra effect, ask the Wedding DJ and MCs from Majestic about their additional lighting options. 

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Dylan Urquhart