Top questions to ask a DJ when planning your wedding

The big day is drawing near and time is of the essence. You have found a DJ online and decided to meet them in person.

Now, what do I ask them to make sure I'm getting a professional? Am I paying too much? Will this DJ suit the wedding style? and the list goes on...

These top questions are an essential for choosing your DJ. So ask the following, and pay attention to the response:

  1. Where have you mainly performed as a DJ?
    - the DJ should answer - "mainly weddings and events", as many DJ's may know how to get a crowd pumping, but when it comes to the more intimate and slower moments, do they have what it takes?

  2. What would you do if you were to become suddenly unavailable for our wedding?
    - disasters do occur, so its good to have a DJ who at least have a backup plan just in case they become bedridden the day of the wedding.

  3. What are you going to wear on the day?
    - make sure the DJ knows not to show up in a t-shirt and shorts, even if its a 40 degree day, the DJ should always dress respectively.

  4. Can you take requests? (i.e. what is your song library size?)
    - Believe it or not, some DJ's don't like taking requests, so make sure the DJ is friendly and can accommodate for any requests on the night (if you want them to).

  5. Have you got any recommendations or previous examples of work?
    - This is an important question if you are stuck between two DJ's, as you can visualise and hear from past customers about their experience with the DJ.

At Majestic Wedding DJ's, both DJ's (Dylan and Brad), mainly perform at weddings and engagement parties. We work as a team, so if any disasters occur, we are always there to help each other out. We both dress for the event and are always up for taking requests. If this answers all of your questions, send us an enquiry now by clicking here.

Dylan Urquhart