The Perth Bride's Guide to Picking Her Wedding Music

You have the venue, you have the photographer and you have your DJ booked. Now comes the time when you have to pick your wedding music. But this isn't the same as picking some cool tracks for your 21st or Hen's night. The songs you pick this time will be with you for a lot longer.

Never fear, Majestic Wedding DJ's have the ultimate guide for choosing your wedding music. 

First of all, lets look at what events you have to choose music for. Of course, every wedding is different, so feel free to choose only the events that you will be doing on the night:

  • Entrance Song
  • First Dance
  • Father/Daughter(Bride) Dance
  • Bouquet Toss
  • Garter Toss
  • Cutting of the Cake
  • Individual Speeches Songs (for when members of the bridal party make their speeches)
  • Exit Song (for when the Bride and Groom leave the venue)

Now you've probably got your eye on a few songs that you have heard on the radio, or even have some old favourites on your iTunes that you know would be perfect. STOP.
Before you make any final decisions, check it against Majestic Wedding DJ's wedding song checklist first:

Your DJ should be able to assist in times of need.

Your DJ should be able to assist in times of need.

Majestic Wedding DJ's Wedding Song Checklist:

Have you heard the song more than 20 times?
Sure that new song on the radio sounds nice now, but what happens when you have heard it everyday for the past few weeks? Still diggin' it?

Would it be torture for your partner to listen to it more than 20 times?
Who wouldn't love Spice Girls as their First Dance song? Well, maybe a few people…Always check with your Husband-to-be before locking in any songs. It's part of being married isn't it?

Check the lyrics, sure the tune is nice, but does it match the wedding?
Many times couples choose beautiful songs, but don't realise the song is speaking about a lost love or death. Just because they have the word "love" in the title, doesn't always means it's going to suit a wedding.

Check you have the right 'version'
With todays array of remixes, acoustic versions, covers and remasters, it is important that you let your DJ know which version you prefer. If you're really worried, just email them the song or put it on a CD.

Ask a DJ if he already has mixes done up so you can see how they sound when on the job...