How to Have an Effective Winter Wedding

Planning a wedding can always become difficult, especially when it comes time to plan a date. Majority of weddings are planned for the summer months, mainly due to the sunshine and warmer weather (and the obvious decreased chance of rain). There are also a lot of weddings that occur in the winter months in Australia, also know as the 'off peak season'.


If you are planning a winter wedding, here are some nifty ideas to spice it up:

  • Ensure there are minimal areas that are not under cover. This includes walkways and entrances, as you don't want your wedding photos looking like you just got out of the shower. 
  • Supply your guests with custom umbrellas - Many websites such as Zazzle and Vistaprint can make custom umbrellas for you, so if you would like to give your guests something they will definitely want to take home with them, take a look at umbrellas.
  • Utilise the heaters as an art deco theme - there are plenty of party hire companies who offer flame heaters which have artistic flair.
  • Offer a warm drinks and desserts menu - take advantage of the cold nights and use it as a way to cosy your guests up. Warm cider anybody?
  • Utilise an ice sculpture - as its going to be a cool night, why not look into using an ice sculpture as a centrepiece for your wedding?