How it works - Wedding DJ'ing explained

For your first consultation with Majestic Wedding DJ's, we will explain the entire process from the setup to the final moment on your wedding day. But if you just cant wait, here is the process we follow to ensure all clients receive the royal treatment.

Stop wondering and find out what really happens behind the scenes of a Wedding DJ.

Stop wondering and find out what really happens behind the scenes of a Wedding DJ.

Step One

Once you have sent off your booking request (found on the "Book" page), your Majestic Weddings DJ will provide you with a quote based on which Wedding Package you prefer. If you are happy with the price, we can set up an initial meeting in which we can discuss your requirements in more detail.

To prepare for the first meeting, we recommend you let us know:

  • The number of guests attending - this allows us to plan for the speaker/equipment requirements (as some places are too small for a complete setup, as well as too large for a simple setup). Additional items such as extra cables and speakers may be required in order to make sure your reception's music requirements are fully taken care of.
  • An estimate of the age spread - this way we can start thinking about the music style for the night. If majority of your guests are in the older age bracket, we will know to focus on their generation of music. This also allows us to look at the energy levels of the music.
  • The venue's details and the function manager's details - some venues have strict rules about music equipment and lights, so it always pays to let us call ahead to make sure. 
  • How you want the night to run - your Wedding DJ works closely with the MC to ensure the night goes to time and to plan, so let us know if you're planning to have a classic style wedding or if you're planning something different/unique. We have performed at many weddings and can always offer advice on various ideas.

Step Two

Once the initial meeting has finished, all that is required is the payment of the deposit, which locks in the date for you. Majestic Wedding DJ's has never missed a wedding and doesn't ever plan to! Hence why we always have a Plan B if any emergencies occur.

Step Three

Your Majestic Weddings DJ will send across your "Run Sheet" which you will fill out your wedding details, the reception timings and the music selection. This will provide your DJ with all the information that is required for the night so there are no interruptions on your special night.

Once this is all filled out and sent across, the last thing to do is perform!

Step Four

The big day! It finally arrives and we have arrived an hour before your guests arrive in order to set up and test all the equipment and acoustics before the music starts. This way your guests will walk into your reception with music playing at an appropriate volume.

The rest of the night is history, with your Majestic Weddings DJ liaising with your MC throughout the night and ensuring your wedding reception goes as smoothly as possible.

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