Top 3 Rules for Enjoying Your Wedding

You've spent months, countless days and hours planning and organising your wedding. Your perfect day is so close you can almost touch it. But what if something goes wrong? What if it doesn't go to plan? The biggest factor for ruining your wedding day, is you.

Remember not all things go to plan and sometimes mistakes will happen and your wedding may not go to plan. After all it is a wedding, not a NASA space launch. The most important three things you should remember on your wedding day are:

  1. The day is about celebrating your love for each other - no amount of money or fancy photography can change how you feel for each other. The most important part of the day is that you both get to celebrate the next chapter of your lives together with your close friends and family.
  2. Remember to thank and speak to everyone - your guests also spent a lot of time and money getting to your wedding (and looking good in the process). So remember to acknowledge them and thank them for coming (especially Grandma).
  3. Smile and Enjoy - no matter what goes wrong, you can't change it once it has happened. So remember to soak up the atmosphere of your wedding and enjoy yourself as much as possible. After all, nothing kills a wedding vibe faster than a cranky bride or groom.

Dylan Urquhart

From humble beginnings DJ Motions (Dylan Urquhart) learnt the basics through Jazz Trumpet and Guitar, after performing for a few years in an ensemble, jazz and a few rock bands, Dylan set up a home recording studio in Perth in order to record a solo album. After finding the majority of musicians has succumbed to fly in/out work, he began to perform all tracks on his own, playing bass guitar, keyboard and a drum machine. From this stemmed today's creation DJ Motions, from which Dylan is able to share his love for music with various crowds in various settings. With a strong passion for setting the right mood and playing the right kind of music for the right crowd, DJ Motions routine always involves a pre-event consultation to ensure the music at your next event will match the attending crowd.