What Type of Wedding Reception Will You Have?

Choosing a venue for your reception is a difficult task and a lot goes into it. Pretty soon, all soon-to-be brides and grooms will find out that all of the best reception venues in Perth WA are booked solid (often up to 2 to 3 years in advance!). 

Majestic Wedding DJ's have developed a formula which relates the night's atmosphere with the layout and dimensions of your reception venue.

1. The lounge wedding

This wedding atmosphere type is for the relaxed type of weddings. Most of the time there is no dance floor and the music style is often lounge type music (similar to that you hear in a restaurant or lounge bar). Majority of your guests won't dance as they are too busy talking to their friends and relatives.

Good: when you know most of the guests aren't into dancing, small weddings (under 30 people), and small backyard weddings.

Bad: when the mood shifts (often due to alcohol consumption) and the guests want to dance, when the guest numbers reach over 30, or when guests are heavily drinking. 

2. The party wedding

These are the weddings where the celebration begins the minute the bride and groom enter the reception hall. The formalities of the wedding ceremony are all over and the party has begun! Majority of the guests are already hyped up and ready to hit to dance floor as soon as they have arrived to the reception venue.

Good: when the majority of guests are youthful and energetic, guest numbers are quite high (over 100), or the drinking has begun early.

Bad: when there are grandparents present, or you are expecting speeches to be the main focus of the night.

3. The gradual build up wedding

This is the most common type of wedding atmosphere, as the formalities of the night begin with such events as speeches, cutting of the cake and the first dance, with the majority of the 'partying' happening after the 9pm mark. 

Good: when you want to party but also want the traditional formalities of a wedding reception, to make sure guests of all ages enjoy the night.

Bad: often the formalities can drag, with speeches and meals often running late, which means less time partying. Best way to ensure this doesn't happen is by having a schedule to stick to.

Its important to go over the details, so your wedding reception is to your liking.

Its important to go over the details, so your wedding reception is to your liking.

What kind of wedding reception will you be having? Not sure? Take our quiz to find out!

1. The majority of my guests are aged:
a) 18-25
b) 26-35
c) 36-45
d) 46 and over

2. Where is the dance floor located in the set up?
a) In the middle of the venue (tables surrounding the dance floor)
b) Near the bar in the corner of the venue
c) Away from the tables and on the other side of the room from the bar
d) We do not have a dance floor

3. Is there a bar or will the venue be providing table service?
a) Bar
b) Table Service
c) Both
d) We won't be serving alcohol at our wedding reception

4. The music selection will be
a) All dance music!
b) A mix of slower songs for the start of the night moving into party music at the end of the night
c) Mainly slow songs with some up-tempo tracks saved for the final hour
d) All relaxing love songs played with piano and acoustic guitar

5. Majority of our friends are from
a) High School
b) University
c) Work
d) That town in Footloose

Time to find out your results! Scroll down for the answers.

Time to find out your results! Scroll down for the answers.

How did you score?

Mostly A's = Bring your glow sticks and pack the bar with some energy drinks, because your wedding reception will be an all night rave party! (Party Wedding)

Mostly B's = Your wedding will follow the traditional format and should be a fun night, but will also keep the parents happy with the early song selection. (Gradual Build Up Wedding)

Mostly C's = Your wedding will be a relaxing way to end the day of festivities. (Lounge Wedding)

Mostly D's = You might as well have stayed at the wedding ceremony, as majority of your guests may have left by 8pm.