Wedding Entrance Songs - the definitive list

The wedding day has arrived, your guests are waiting patiently inside for your grand entrance as a married couple. Now, what song should we walk in to?

Want to make a big entrance? Or something more traditional? Maybe something comedic is more your style? No matter what kind of entrance you are thinking of, we have it here.

Know any songs that would make a great entrance song that we missed? Please let us know!

Just comment below.

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Dylan Urquhart

From humble beginnings DJ Motions (Dylan Urquhart) learnt the basics through Jazz Trumpet and Guitar, after performing for a few years in an ensemble, jazz and a few rock bands, Dylan set up a home recording studio in Perth in order to record a solo album. After finding the majority of musicians has succumbed to fly in/out work, he began to perform all tracks on his own, playing bass guitar, keyboard and a drum machine. From this stemmed today's creation DJ Motions, from which Dylan is able to share his love for music with various crowds in various settings. With a strong passion for setting the right mood and playing the right kind of music for the right crowd, DJ Motions routine always involves a pre-event consultation to ensure the music at your next event will match the attending crowd.