How To Decide On Your First Dance Song

You love that classical style song and he really wants that slow rock ballad, you have a list of over 10 potential songs and you just can't decide which song is "our song". Sound familiar? It's a common situation that has many brides and grooms go to battle over which song they will have for their bridal waltz or first dance. If you're finding it all too hard, then listen up, because we have some tips that might just save the dance.


Write a list

Both you and your partner should (whilst you are not in the same room) write a list and limit it to 5 songs each. Once you have this list, compare your results.

If you happen to have the same song on there, then this is your song! If not, then read on. If you have two or more of the same songs on the list, then also read on.


Now that you have a list of options, its now time to eliminate a few. There are a few ways to do this:

  • Look at your lists and match songs that are of a similar genre (both acoustic, both pop, both piano style songs). Remove the songs that are not similar to each other.
  • Eliminate based on lyrics. Look up the lyrics on Google (just type "song name, lyrics") and eliminate any songs that either have explicit language, references to breaking up or anything that's irrelevant.
  • Remove anything that you have heard at weddings of friends and family. If you know your friend has done it, you are best to avoid that song, as it can sometimes upset that person.


Listen to your chosen song at least once per day and if it still brings up the same feelings as when you first heard it, then it is meant to be. If you are getting sick of hearing it by the end of the week, then scrap it and move to option two. This is a good time to mention, its always best to avoid the latest pop chart love song. It may be perfect when you first hear it, but by the time your wedding comes around (usually its 6-12 months away), your local radio station has probably played it on repeat so much that you and all your guests are completely sick of it.