How To Beat The Summer Heat at Your Wedding

All Perth locals know it can get ridiculously hot in the summer, there are several weeks in peak wedding season (January-March and September-November) where the heat can be rather unbearable for you and your guests (especially if the gents are wearing suits!).

There are a few tricks and tips which can make sure the heat doesn't ruin your special day.

Don't let the heat ruin your wedding day

Don't let the heat ruin your wedding day

Before you book or plan anything, always make sure the weather is definitely going to be as hot as the weather reporters say it will be, its never 100% and your best bet is to check the day before.

Items to book the week of the wedding

  1. Gazebo - as shade is the first step to cooling down, a gazebo is always the suitable option for making sure any outdoor moments are met with shade. These can be hired or bought and are relatively cost effective.
  2. Umbrellas - if you can't fit a gazebo in the area or it just won't work, then look into hiring/buying umbrellas for your guests, they work wonders keeping the scorching Perth sun off everyone's faces.
  3. Mist Fans - these fans are fantastic for cooling down a large area and even works well outdoors, as it sprays a fine mist of water which cools the air around you. Perfect for any outdoor ceremonies/receptions.

Last minute items to beat the heat

  1. Drinks on ice - and plenty of it! You can't go wrong with the combination of drinks (preferably water), ice and eskies. Make these available for your guests before the ceremony and for when they first arrive at the reception. Because nobody wants any guests to faint from heat exhaustion.
  2. Water bottles at the ceremony - leave bottles of water on each of the chairs at the ceremony. This will make sure nobody faints in the heat due to dehydration.
  3. Icy poles at the start of the reception - give your guests a treat to cool down before the get into the groove at the reception.
  4. Spray bottles - didn't have time to hire a mist fan? Just grab a few cheap mist spray bottles and do it yourself.



Dylan Urquhart

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