Frequently Asked Questions by Perth Brides

As a wedding DJ, you get asked some interesting questions. It's completely expected and not at all silly when asked, as you don't get married every weekend. Here are a collection of the most common and interesting questions we have been asked over the years.


Can I see a list of all the songs you play?

Our song lists are tailored and as individual as the weddings we play, hence why we will never play off a list. A DJ is meant to read the crowd and interact with them via music, therefore is a pre-designed list is used, it can often lead to a very stale night. Majestic Wedding DJ's will never use song lists for this reason.

Do you mix songs like festival DJ's?

To put it simply, no. There are many types of DJ's out there in the world. Some are Producer-DJ's like Flume and Avicii, some are performance DJ's like Mix Master Mike, and so on. It comes down to the style of music that the DJ is playing (and whether or not they are playing their own tracks). A wedding DJ will often have to blend a mixture of different genres that span across generations, which can make it hard to mix the same way you hear a DJ mix at a festival. 

Although, as a bare minimum, we always mix tracks so you do not hear any silence between tracks. 

What happens if you can't make it to my wedding for any unforeseen circumstance?

Majestic Wedding DJ's is currently made up of two skilled DJ's, Dylan and Brad. If one of us is unable to make your wedding we will often cover for each other. We also have a list of referral DJ's who we have hand-picked to ensure you only get a quality replacement should the unexpected ever occurs.

In saying that, we have not cancelled a gig yet after 3 years of operation.

Will I get to meet my DJ?

Yes, absolutely. As mentioned previously, Majestic Wedding DJ's are made up of two Perth locals, Dylan and Brad. We meet all of our clients before their wedding day and can be contacted any time before the wedding to answer any questions.

Do you take requests?

Most certainly. We aim to please, so we are always open to accepting and playing the requests of your guests. With your permission of course. Another reason why we ask all Brides and Grooms to fill out our Wedding Run Sheet, which allows you to list any songs you want to put on your "Do Not Play List".

I don't know what song to choose for my entrance/exit or my first-dance/cake-cutting, can you help?

We have written a collection of articles and lists to help Perth Brides and Grooms with their music selection. Just go to the Music Blogs section of our page to find them.