Ten ways to save on your wedding

Are you starting to fret over the looming costs of your wedding day? Majestic Wedding DJs have you covered. Here are ten wedding hacks to help you save money on your wedding day.

1. Don’t go for a weekend wedding

One of the easiest ways to cut costs on wedding venue hire is to hold your wedding on a weekday. Whilst it may not be traditional, picking a date that coincides with a public holiday, or giving your guests a lot of notice to organise their work schedules, will save you big time on hire costs.

2. DIY as much as possible

Why pay someone else when you could do it yourself? Whilst you may not enjoy setting up and packing up before and after your big day, this will save you considerable costs on labour fees. You will need to ask yourself what’s more important - cost or convenience?

3. Shot-gun wedding or a long engagement

How long is an appropriate engagement period? The short answer is, there isn’t a set rule. Locking down venues, a wedding DJ, and vendors can be difficult. One solution is to throw caution to the wind and say I do shortly after your partner pops the question. This means you’ll likely get last minute deals and openings when other couples have either rescheduled or sadly cancelled. Option two is for those who aren’t so organised - the long engagement. This gives you plenty of time to check off your pre-wedding list, especially if you have a specific date and venue in mind.

4. The early bird beats the worm

Though it may go against tradition (and means a VERY early start for the bridal party), getting married in the morning will save you money on food and venue costs. Brunch/lunch reception food costs are cheaper, and whilst you potentially don’t have the raging dance floor options, your wedding DJ can organise a custom playlist to ensure the atmosphere remains jovial. Plus, an earlier “I do“ means you get to enjoy the evening as newlywed’s by yourselves (wink, wink).

5. Booze eats the budget

An open bar at weddings is somewhat of a tradition. If you want to offer this to your guests but also not chew a big hole into your wedding budget, keep your options limited. Check beforehand if the venue charges per bottle; if so, offering a cocktail option and limited alternative beverages could be a more affordable option.

6. Forget about the flowers

Flowers are a beautiful addition at any wedding, but their inclusions means big costs when it comes to the wedding budget. There are a lot of alternative flower options you could opt for instead, ranging from DIY projects to low-cost purchases.

7. Hire a wedding DJ over a live band

Whilst live bands will keep in line with a traditional wedding structure, a wedding DJ is much more reliable, more flexible with playlist options, and will often cost a lot less to hire.

8. Tie the knot out of season

With Perth’s weather being so agreeable for most of the year, you and your partner have the flexibility to go against the majority and hold your wedding out of season. Autumn, early winter and spring are typically rain-free - this means there is less competition for wedding DJs, vendors venues, plus peak-season hire fees won’t apply.

9. Fake the cake

Let’s be honest, who eats the cake at weddings? By this stage, most of the guests have already filled up on the previous courses, or are too busy drinking and dancing to find the time for a slice of sponge. If you still want the look of a three-tier, white frosting vanilla sponge without the price tag and the waste, talk to your wedding cake vendor about false bases. This is becoming an increasingly popular trend amongst newlyweds who want the look without the cost.

10. Be ruthless with guests

Catering for your wedding guests will put a large dent into your wedding budget. A sure fire way to reduce costs on food and booze is to reduce the guest list. Going over the invitees list multiple times and making cuts will not only save you money, but also ensure you only have your nearest and dearest there on your special day.

Tessa Dempster