The Wedding Toast vs Wedding Roast

Weddings are full of friends and family members standing in front of the wedding party and regaling guests with cherished memories and funny stories about the bride and groom. The wedding toast is a tough one to nail. Loading up your toast with the right amount of funny, emotional and entertaining can go either of two ways - success or pure failure.

You will likely feel a little bit of pressure to do a good job, after all it is someone’s wedding day. Throwing in a well timed joke poking fun at the newlyweds can often be a great icebreaker, but be sure not to take it too far. Here are a few tips for ensuring your wedding toast hits the mark and not a sore spot.

Picking your speakers

Choosing who makes a toast on your wedding day is a big deal. It’s an honour to be asked and an even bigger responsibility you are bestowing upon your close friends and family. If you know your brother is going to be more interested in chatting up bridesmaids and are afraid he might spill the beans about bucks party antics, it may be a good idea to give the job to someone else - sorry bro. Choose somebody who knows you well, isn’t afraid of public speaking and knows that some things are better left unsaid.

The three drink rule

Whilst there is a certain amount of credit due to “liquid courage”, unfortunately there can be too much of a good thing. A speech can easily become out of hand when the speaker in question has had a few too many champers before stepping up to the mic. Let your wedding dj know you want to have speeches earlier on in the evening before your wedding speech makers find themselves slurring their words, or worse, going off script.

Practise makes perfect

Memorising lines off by heart is difficult for most people, unless you’re an actor, seasoned politician or a mum giving a child the same lecture on sneaking out of the house. This being said, listening to someone read computer-like, word for word off a page may cause some of the wedding reception to nod off. If the bride and groom have requested you make a toast at their wedding, put some time and effort into writing and practising. The newlyweds are going to remember this day for the rest of their lives, so make sure your speech is memorable - for the right reasons.

Establish a no-go list

Save yourself, and your parents, some embarrassment on your wedding night by establishing a list of off limit topics with people you think might try to push the boundaries a little. A wedding is supposed to be a cause for celebration, not a tell all into some of the happy couples most humiliating or morally questionable moments. Best to keep the speeches rated M, for a little spice but not too much that somebody gets burnt.

It takes two to tango

There are two people who just tied the knot, so make sure you mentioned both sides of the couple in your wedding toast. Inside jokes should be left out, as they will 100% fall flat when no-one but the intended recipient understands the context.

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Tessa Dempster