What to expect this Wedding Season

Your wedding day should be everything you have dreamt it to be. When it comes to planning the big day, it can be rather overwhelming and you may find you begin to suffer from what we call “bride-block” - when you cannot think of what you want, need or desire at your own wedding. If you are stuck for inspiration on theme, location or centrepieces, here is a list of wedding trends expected to make an appearance over the upcoming wedding season.

Drip cakes or cheese cakes

Three tier, sponge wedding cakes are becoming a thing of the past. In their place are the single tier “drip cakes” that have been lighting up Pinterest recently. Similar to the delicate smear found on plates in a posh restaurant, the artful drip follows a “messy chic” style. Topped with your choice of decorations, this style of wedding cake is not only versatile, but also looks absolutely amazing. Next up is opting for a non-traditional cheesecake. No, this isn’t the biscuit based dessert you are accustomed to. A little cake made from cheese. A wheel for each layer, it’s a modern trend that is becoming a staple at modern weddings.

Bigger isn’t better

Small and intimate weddings are rising in popularity rather than the traditional large celebration. Don’t feel pressured to send out invites, especially when it comes to overextending on your budget. It’s your big day, so be prepared to be a little ruthless when it comes to the guest list.

Go green

While you have every right to live out your dream day, weddings do come with a lot of unexpected waste. From flowers, to paper, food and plastic, there is a lot of clean up involved once the festivities die down. Newlyweds are now opting for longer lasting centrepieces and paper-free invites to make their wedding a greener one.

Blue is the new black

If you want to add a little colour to your big day, why not sneak it into the groom’s suit? Blue suits are becoming a popular choice for the groom, giving a modern, fresh look to the traditional black option.

Non-traditional venues

With fewer Perth couples now associating with a religion, the traditional church wedding venue may not be the best choice to exchange your vows. Instead, wineries, gardens and halls are becoming popular choices for modern couples, as you have greater flexibility to create a day that is unique to your needs and vision.

Keeping things simple

While a live wedding band sounds good in theory, they can cause a lot of unexpected problems on the big day. From missing or sick band members, to inflexible song requests, a wedding DJ can help keep things simple on your wedding day. Majestic Wedding DJs are a Perth DJ hire company providing tailored DJ wedding package options to suit your big day. For a stress free Perth DJ service you can trust to make your wedding a special one, contact us to find out more about our Perth DJ wedding package prices

Dylan Urquhart

From humble beginnings DJ Motions (Dylan Urquhart) learnt the basics through Jazz Trumpet and Guitar, after performing for a few years in an ensemble, jazz and a few rock bands, Dylan set up a home recording studio in Perth in order to record a solo album. After finding the majority of musicians has succumbed to fly in/out work, he began to perform all tracks on his own, playing bass guitar, keyboard and a drum machine. From this stemmed today's creation DJ Motions, from which Dylan is able to share his love for music with various crowds in various settings. With a strong passion for setting the right mood and playing the right kind of music for the right crowd, DJ Motions routine always involves a pre-event consultation to ensure the music at your next event will match the attending crowd.