Wearing White to a Wedding

There were a few things my mother taught me about attending a wedding: to be punctual so you don’t walk down after the bride, to be respectful by leaving the seats for the older guests, and finally, never, EVER wear white. 

It has long been a perception that the black dress is reserved for funerals, whilst white is not an appropriate colour for wedding attire (unless you are the bride of course). However, this trend has slowly become a thing of the past with some modern day wedding guests breaking the rules.

Why not white?

Traditionally, the colour was worn by brides to symbolise purity and virginity. However, it did not become a wedding dress standard until England’s very own matriarch Queen Victoria donned a white number on her wedding day. As an unintentional trendsetting move, Queen V’s only motivation for opting white was to keep her dress simple and cost effective during an economic downturn. Not nearly the serene, goddess-like phenomenon the “white dress” has taken on in modern day weddings. Before this, brides were seen wearing rich, extravagant gowns to show off their wealth. Be as it may, the white wedding dress is not going anywhere in a hurry, with alterations in cut, style, beading and lace making “the dress” unique to every bride’s taste. From princess to fishtail, slim fit and vintage, these days it's more about the cut than the colour anyway.

White in the wedding party

For those budding brides who want to mix things up with their bridal party, why not dress your bridesmaids in white too? While nothing can upstage the bridal gown, having the bridesmaids dress in white not only photographs well, but is an unexpected surprise for the guests. These alternative bridesmaids dresses work well when worn in a textured material, interesting cut or even off-white. Remember how refined the Middleton sisters looked at the not so recent royal wedding BOTH wearing white?

All white affair

If you really want to break the glass ceiling on traditional wedding colour schemes, don’t have your bridal party in white, dress your guests in the colour instead. Bringing new meaning to the term white wedding, you can play this twist and request the guests attend in white (or grey for those in suits, as lets face it, a white suit doesn’t look good on anybody). 

Going for a non-traditional wedding?

If you’re ready to throw the book at what is expected in a traditional Perth wedding, axe the band and opt for a wedding DJ instead. A wedding DJ is able to take requests, structure your musical evening and make sure the guest’s are flying around the dance floor having a ball at the reception. Majestic Wedding DJs are a Perth DJ hire company providing tailored DJ wedding package options to suit your big day. Make your wedding a special one and contact us to find out more about our Perth DJ wedding package prices.


Dylan Urquhart