Best First Dance Shots

It's that time of the wedding when there's a buzz around the room!! Everyone gathers around, partners hold each other in a tight sway, flower girls and page boys sit on the side of the dance floor in anticipation and proud parents shed a tear. It got me thinking, what makes the best first dance shot? There's so much happening, but still the main event is the Bride and Groom cutting up the rug. Here are some of Adam Levi Browne's best first dance shots to show you some different ways to get down and have it captured.

Bridal Waltz...Begin!!

You to feel the love and emotion from a Bride & Grooms first wedding dance shots. Its usually a time where the couple are a little nervous, but the excitement & tenderness they feel for each other in this moment is something beautiful to witness. As mentioned earlier, its also the guests in the crowd who's expressions and reactions are great to capture as well. All eyes are on the newly wedded couple and the feels are flowing hard!!

AdamLeviBrowne Photography

Get High For Your First Dance!!

Not like know what I mean. If I can get a great aerial perspective from a distance there's so much more of your jaw dropping first dance I can capture!! All your guests enjoying your bridal waltz and reception in the open air of your back yard DIY wedding.


Real Emotion

Family, friends and of course, the recently hitched Husband & Wife don't really give a damn if you use all the newest and greatest gear, but its good to have and know how to use it. Wedding couples connect to the images which show them having the time of their life and in the moment. Close ups with cute AF cuddles on the D-floor are just as important as the epics.

AdamLeviBrowne Photography

Move Your Feet to the Beat

When we do our wedding dance we gotta move right!?! Showing that movement with some blur from a spin can give your image ambience & drama. Slow your shutter speed down a little, shoot a burst and you can get some sweet results, BOOM!!

AdamLeviBrowne Photography

Do It Right With Festoon & Backlight

Light & location is super important for making your first wedding dance the best it can be!! There's something really special about dancing under the stars, moon light and interesting vintage bulbs of different shapes and sizes. The DIY open air wedding is perfect for our balmy summer nights here in Perth and Western Australia so get creative with the lighting you choose and how it's hung.

Once you have your space set up & sparkling, your photographer can dip into their bag of tricks to light you up while your slow dance the night away.

AdamLeviBrown Photography

Thank You for Smoking

No...this is not another attempt to get you lighting up a joint or cigar while you mesmerise your guests with your shuffle. But seriously, a little smoke can look incredible if shot in the right way. When light passes through smoke from the back, it helps shape the smoke, creating a stunning mood for your first wedding dance.

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Father-Daughter Dancing, But Boys, Don't Forget Mum!!

My Wife & I have just welcomed our first little girl into the world, the adorable Frankie Eliza. She is already the apple of my eye as you can imagine. To say she has me wrapped around her gorgeous little finger is an understatement!! I find myself already thinking about when she decides to tie the knot and all those tear jerking moments that I so proudly will be apart of. Seeing her for the first time in her wedding dress, walking her down the aisle, my speech (ahhhh) and our Daddy and Daughter dance together. There is not to many more special moments at a wedding.

No that's not tears, I just have something in my eye....

Perth Wedding Photographer

Get a Little Loose!!

Weddings worldwide have changed in recent years, a lot of weddings I photographed in Perth of late have said see ya later to the normal run of things. Weddings are as much as an expression of who we are as individuals as well as couples, embrace that. Have your wedding on a cliff that takes your guests on an adventure to get to the ceremony, your dress doesn't have to be pretty and white, sass it up with colour and a distinct and fashionable design. It's time to remove the cake decorations from our ass, do exactly as you like and most importantly, BE YOURSELF...especially when you boogie!! For our wedding, our first dance song started slow, the DJ scratched the vinyl and went straight into Chuck Berrys' "You Never Can Tell". You know the tune John Travolta and Uma Thurman twist to at Jack Rabbit Slims in Pulp Fiction.

Then the party certainly started!!

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