Modern Pre-Wedding Traditions

Most of us have heard of the saying “Something old, something new. Something borrowed something blue”. Most brides have used simple, traditional items and we think it’s time to update everything a little bit! Below are some ideas from Raffinato Bridal to modernise your “Something old, something new. Something borrowed something blue” and a little history lesson in to what each item represents.

Something Old

Represents the bride’s family and her past before her married life.

Revamped ‘something old’ can include your favourite cowboy boots worn under your gown (this saves on a new pair of shoes, plus they’re already broken in!). Incorporating a strip of your Mum or Grandmother’s wedding gown into yours can be a beautiful nod to your family, just make sure it’s ok with them before you cut of some of their wedding gown! Finally, you can repurpose a family heirloom or piece of jewellery belonging to a family member into a beautiful hair piece. Hairdressers or jewellery makes can usually attach a few bobby pins or clips to the back of a piece to really showcase its beauty.

Something New

Represents a bride's new life ahead of her.

The big one that comes to mind when you think new is your wedding gown, this is a simple way to incorporate ‘something new’ in your wedding, whilst totally fitting your style. Similarly, lingerie can be used as well; our one tip is to just make sure you’re comfortable enough telling people it’s your something new. And when we say people we mean your 93 year old grandmother! A new tattoo can also symbolise ‘something new’, your wedding date written in blue hits 2 traditions at the same time #efficiency.

Something Borrowed

Represents a loaned item from another blissfully happy, married friend or family member, symbolising happiness.

Perth wedding dj

Using you and your partner’s favourite song lyrics and incorporating them into your vows is an intimate and unique way to express your love to your partner. Speaking of partner, if you’re taking their last name, why not borrow it a few hours early? Monogramming the underlay of your gown or garter with your new initials is another really special way to tick ‘something borrowed’ off the list.

Something Blue 

Represents love, purity and fidelity. It is also representative for Christian brides as the Virgin Mary.

A funky pair of blue Converse can easily be incorporated into your wedding, the plus sides to these shoes are that they’re already broken in; you know their comfortable and everyone will remember the bride who wore the awesome blue shoes. A little more tech savvy way of incorporating your ‘something blue’ is to set up a wedding account on Twitter. Twitter’s icon is blue so that ticks that off, plus it allows your guests to share their experience with friends and family who unfortunately couldn’t be there. Pair this with a wedding specific hashtag and you’re all set!

“Blue Moon” by Frank Sinatra is such a classic, romantic song which (can you guess where we’re going with this?) coincidentally has the word blue in the title. Involve all of your guests with getting your wedding DJ to signal a slow dance with this song during the reception for a creative and inclusive way to achieve your ‘something blue’.

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Tessa Dempster