Perth Alternative Hens Ideas

Whether you are planning on pre-gaming hard or opting for a more relaxed affair, the bachelorette party is a cause for celebration. If you are stuck for ideas on how to spoil the lucky bride, here are some alternative hens party ideas for a lot of fun without the traditional half-naked men.

The Bucket List

Are there things you know the bride has wanted to do, and has never had the chance to do them? Why not ask her future husband for a few ideas. This is a versatile idea that can go as small or as big as you like depending on the size of the hens party. From singing in front of strangers or performing a choreographed dance routine in Elizabeth Quay to sky-diving (because nothing settles pre-wedding jitters better than jumping out of a plane).

Scavenger Hunt

If the bride loves surprises then why not opt for a good ol’ fashioned scavenger hunt! You can make this as provocative as you like, so it’s great for all types of brides. You can either divide the hens into small groups and have them scale the Perth CBD for items off the list or follow the bride as she must solve each riddle to find out the next clue.

The Beauty Retreat

What better way to get the bride ready for her big day than DIY her own lipstick shade. Complete with the option for flavours, the hens can each make their own shade to their taste and style. It’s a great pre-wedding idea, getting the ladies to make something to match their cocktail dresses for the big day! Or take a break from the stress of wedding planning with a day at a spa or wellness retreat.

The Slumber Party

If you’re a bride who just wants to spend some quality time with her closest gal pals, a traditional slumber party is an excellent choice for low-key, nostalgic brides. With party games, embarrassing pictures of the bride, delicious food and perhaps a rom-com to cap of the evening - sometimes nothing beats staying up past midnight with your closest friends talking about boys.

The Pole Dance-Off

Pole dancing is becoming an increasingly popular activity not just for hens, but for general exercise. Now, don’t be alarmed - most pole dancing studios offer tailored bachelorette packages that will have you all strutting your stuff and having a blast! Word of advice - make sure to get the girls to pack some bike-shorts otherwise they’ll be flashing their goodies to the entire party!

The Glamp-Out

Camping is ideal for the low-key bride who doesn’t want the penis straws or strippers. Escape the city and have a relaxing weekend away with the hen’s closest friends complete with stories around the campfire, games and outdoor activities. It’s a great idea for bonding with the bridal party and a get to know you for the guests before the wedding. Better yet, you can choose what level of comfort you would like, from traditional swag and tents to Glamping down in Margaret River.

Swan Valley Wine Tour

For a big day with very little organising required, a wine tour in the swan valley may just be the ticket! With the designated driver sorted, the bridal party can get dressed in their Sunday best and taste their way through the valley. With the opportunity to stop for lunch and play some bridal games, this is a simple way to enjoy the day, for a bit of fun and A LOT of wine.

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Tessa Dempster