Best Ways to Announce your Engagement

Getting engaged is very exciting, and no doubt you will be bursting to share the news with your friends and family. Sharing the news on social media is a quick and easy way of getting the information out. However, if you want do things a little differently, why not try out one of these ideas for announcing you are engaged.

Snap the moment

This idea will require a bit of preplanning, secrecy, camouflage and camera skills. Asking a close friend to not spill the beans and to hide out in the bushes with a long-focus lens can prove difficult - but the end results pay off big time. Capturing the moment the love of your life says that three letter word is a great way to share the news with loved ones. Just make sure the lighting is good!

In the mail

Everyone loves getting mail (as long as it’s not bills), and receiving a letter saying one of their nearest and dearest is engaged could not be better news! Whether it’s a simple letter informing them you’ve decided to makes things official or an invite to the engagement party, a letter is a heartfelt way of letting everyone know. 


Nothing is more personal than informing your friends and family face to face. Invite the girls out for brunch, or throw a soiree that turns out to be the engagement party - it’s up to you. It’s a surprise your guests are definitely going to be happy about. Have your Perth wedding DJ cue the music ready for the big surprise!

Quirky Crockery

If you want to do something a little different, why not custom make some crockery or stationary? Witty mug messages and chalkboards are becoming increasingly popular and make for some great photos to share on your social media. 

In the Newspaper

If you want a more traditional option, why not kick things really old school and announce your new engagement in the newspaper. It will become a part of history, and archived at the Western Australian State Library. Just think, your great grand children could one day research the announcement on a field trip. 

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Dylan Urquhart

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