How to save money on your wedding reception

Weddings are a time of celebration, but also one of financial burden. Shouting your closest friends and family a meal, evening of drinks and more can be very costly. Don’t start the financial fretting just yet, there are some very simple things you can do to save thousands of dollars on your wedding reception. 

Saturdays are for big spenders

There are seven days to every week, and while Saturday is the most convenient for yourself and guests, the price tag of venue hire on that day will show it. Moving just one day out can see massive reductions in venue hire costs, freeing up some much needed cash. If you really want to cut down the budget, a midweek wedding will save you a TRUCK-load. Giving your guests plenty of notice will also allow them to make the appropriate work arrangements. BONUS: midweek dos will most likely lead to a smaller alcohol tab as people will still have to head into work the next day.

BYO vendors

Try to choose a wedding venue with no lock-in vendor restrictions. This means you can shop around for the best price instead of restricting yourself to the ones the venue offers. Catering costs can be one of the biggest burdens at a wedding, so ensure you have the flexibility to choose the right company with a menu you enjoy. Not to mention you’ll save thousands on hiked up vendor prices.

Hire out a whole house

When you keep your ceremony and reception at the one venue, you save hundreds on venue hire fees. Why not have your accommodation in the same place too? Renting out an entire house with a large garden or alfresco area can be the simple solution you’ve been looking for. This is perfect for intimate weddings with a smaller guest list as it allows you to treat the bridal party to accommodation too!

Canapés over four courses

Sit down formal dinners at wedding receptions are becoming a thing of the past, with many couples opting for canapes instead. Not only will it save you the big bucks when it comes to per head pricing, but it allows you to give guests a heap of variety! You also have the ability to stagger the serving times to help some keen drinkers soak up the alcohol.

Hire a wedding DJ over a live band

Wedding bands can be very limiting when it comes to venue hire, song choice and style (not to mention the price tag). Hiring a Perth wedding DJ for your wedding reception will allow you to choose the songs you want and shop around for the price you require. Majestic Wedding DJs are a young DJ hire company who can ensure your wedding stays on budget and on beat. For more information about our affordable wedding packages and prices, please get in touch.


Tessa Dempster