The Best Wedding Songs By The Beatles

Deciding whether you’ll opt for a modern or traditional wedding song can be a tough decision. While choosing a current triple j favourite can be a more unique and quirky choice, opting for a classic ensures your wedding footage won’t date while appeasing both the oldies and the young ones.

If you’re after something timeless and universal, you can’t go past The Beatles for your wedding song. There’s a reason why Paul McCartney and John Lennon have gone down in history as an incomparable songwriting duo. In addition to their powerful lyrics and melodies, they have also gifted the world with some of the world’s most simple and beautiful love songs.

So for your Beatles wedding song, why not take your pick from their extensive discography, whether it’s a tried and tested favourite such as ‘Here Comes the Sun’ or something a bit more underrated like ‘Two of Us’?


It’s usually the most simple songs that are the most powerful, and that is certainly the case with The Beatles’ ‘I Will’. The lone acoustic guitar draws focus to McCartney’s endearingly romantic lyrics, ensuring there won’t be a dry eye in the room.


‘Two Of Us’ by The Beatles is a song about adventure and companionship. Its lyrics such as ‘Two of us Sunday driving, not arriving / On our way back home / We’re going home’ are reminiscent of a beautifully carefree road trip, but can also be applied to the wonder and unpredictability of marriage.


‘Something’ manages to remain one of the world’s most famous love songs without ever feeling overplayed. Penned by George Harrison, ‘Something’ meditates on that indistinguishable quality that makes you fall in love with someone. This one is a goosebump-inducing slow-burner.


The folky ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’ is all about love at first sight. McCartney’s lyrics marvel at the chance and fortune of being in the right place at the right time. Go with this track for a youthful, uptempo choice.


With its refrain ‘It won’t be long till I belong to you’, ‘I’ve Just Seen A Face’ is the perfect choice for your wedding ceremony. Its playfulness and impatience perfectly encapsulate the whirlwind of being in love.


The beauty of The Beatles’ beloved ‘Here Comes the Sun’ is its universality. Its beautifully simple lyrics manage to radiate positivity, hope and awe, meaning this timeless track can be applied to any joyful situation. We dare you not to smile when this song is playing.


While not actually penned by The Beatles, The Fab Four’s take on Meredith Willson’s classic is expressive and undeniably romantic. With vivid lyrics such as ‘Then there was music and wonderful roses / They tell me in sweet fragrant meadows of dawn and dew’, ‘Till There Was You’ likens love to springtime, but rest assured this track will go down a treat anytime of the year.

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Julianne De Souza