The 3 things brides need to plan the perfect wedding

Although you may have been planning your wedding on a Pinterest board since you were sixteen, the true reality of organising your big day can often become an overwhelming process.

It’s easy to start sweating the small stuff, but ultimately, the choice between red velvet and vanilla buttercream will not be the decision that makes or breaks your wedding day.

With almost a decade of experience, Perth Wedding DJ and MC Dylan says there are three key ingredients to pull off the night of nights – and this is where couples with upcoming nuptials should train their focus.

Find a perfect wedding venue

First impressions are crucial, so choosing the perfect location will go a long way in impressing your guests from the moment they arrive.

“The venue is so important because it is the first thing everybody sees when they walk into your wedding reception. It sets the scene and it really defines the mood of what your wedding is going to be like,” head wedding DJ and MC Dylan says.

“If you pick a nice place with an incredible view or impressive décor, it helps your guests relax, enjoy themselves and make them feel like they are in their own little world of enjoyment.”

Fantastic wedding food

Catering your wedding feast is all about striking the right balance.

You don’t want hungry guests filling their stomachs at the expense of your open bar (then visiting the Macca’s drive through on the way home), or at the other end of the scale, overfeeding them into a sluggish stupor.

After the time, effort and love you have put into planning the biggest party of your life, the last thing you want to see is guests prematurely heading for the door.

“Food controls the mood,” Dylan says, “I have been to a few weddings where they have either not fed their guests enough or have over-fed them, which can actually have a really big impact on the night.”

“It’s a fine balance, and if you select food which people enjoy, which also fills them up enough, they will be ready to party into the night.”

As for cocktail style weddings where people often migrate around the room, it is imperative to ensure none of your guests are missed.

“Make sure there is food which is always available, but also make sure when the mains come out each guest is served.”

The perfect wedding dj

Having satisfied the visual aesthetics and tantalising your guests taste buds, it’s time to take the atmosphere up a notch.

“The music is that final bow which pulls everything together,” Dylan says, “It tells people how to feel.”

From mixing calm, dulcet tones as your guests settle in to wine and dine, to filling the dancefloor with banger after banger, your expert from Majestic Wedding DJs has the perfect song for every moment.   

“If you have a skilled Wedding DJ, they can actually bring the mood up throughout the night,” Dylan says.

“That way, at the end of the formalities, people know it is time to boogie and feel lively.

“By the end of the night they have picked all the right songs to keep that mood going.”

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