How to be the perfect wedding MC

So your confidence and public speaking abilities have scored you the role of MC at your friends wedding reception?

With our handy tips up your sleeve, now is your time to shine as a memorable wedding MC (for all of the right reasons, of course!).

Stick to the schedule

Weddings are full of significant moments for the happy couple, from their first dance, to speeches and cutting the cake.

Have a chat with the couple and work out what will happen and when.

Make sure you chat with the functions coordinator or experienced wedding planner to make sure you take into consideration their requirements as well - such as housekeeping rule announcements.

Do your research

Do a little digging into who will be attending on the day - especially if people are travelling a long way and deserve a shout out.

Knowing the important guests will make you look more professional and well organised.

Check whether you need to organise a portable PA system and ensure you know how to use it.

Amp up the atmosphere

Make sure you work closely with the professional DJ or band - after all they may be the ones with the equipment you need!

Read the room and make sure you are both on the same page when it comes to amping up or lowering the mood.

Most importantly - be sincere. Don’t try too hard to be funny if it doesn’t come naturally. Just relax, be yourself and help everyone to have a great time.

Keep everyone informed

No one wants to miss out on the big moments - so make sure the guests know what is coming up next, when and where.

Also make sure to communicate when the meals are happening, how to order if required, the rules of the bar tab and where the amenities are located.

Direct the guests to get involved

The bride and groom will have put plenty of effort (and no doubt dollars) in organising entertainment for their guests, so make sure they make the most of what is on offer.

Point everyone in the direction of the photo booth, encourage them to fill up on the lolly buffet, sign their names in the guest book or join the dance floor.

If the bride and groom have put effort into creating social media hashtags - make sure the guests know to use them.

Keep it short!

While it’s your job to keep everything on track, try not to drone on for too long.

Say what needs to be said, then rejoin the celebration!


Speeches are often the most touching and memorable moments of a wedding celebration, reminding everyone of the importance of the commitment between two amazing people.

Early in the evening, encourage family and friends to take the time to bestow their blessing on the couple or offer them advice.

Know who will be stepping up to the microphone and introduce each speaker clearly.

Keep them flowing by gently reminding each guest beforehand to keep their speeches punchy - and don’t be afraid to add your own sentiments.

Closing the night

Be in on the game plan when it comes to bidding the guests - and newly married couple - goodbye. This could involve the couple saying individual goodbyes, having the entire room send off the couple, or moving everyone on to a new venue.

Don’t forget to join the party

After all - you are just as important as the other guests and the bride and groom will want you to have just as much fun as everyone else.

Don’t let your duties inhibit your celebrations!

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